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It's a sobering realization to know the debt we owe to another person. John Wesley was a great preacher and theologian who barely escaped from a fire in the old rectory, the parsonage where he … more
In my short four years covering Rock Springs High School football here at the Rocket-Miner, I have seen a little bit of everything. I have seen some good finishes, heart-breaking mishaps and a couple … more
Tracey Hind Automotive Hindsight   Because cars are cleaner than ever, at no time should you be able to see smoke from your tailpipe. Despite what you see in the media and what some people … more
There is no denying that school spirit exists in the hallways of Rock Springs High School. Attend any home basketball game and chances are you will see and hear the loud and proud students at their … more
Do you ever wonder what it is that needs fixed in our American society? Something is in dire need of help. Why? One fact from the prison system speaks volumes about our national need. Back in … more
There is that moment in a good book when we reach a point that drives us to read until 3 a.m. You arrive at a pivotal chapter in which your protagonist faces a nerve-wracking dilemma; you read on. … more
Ok. Ride along with me here. You're finishing up at the last appointment of a long day. You get out to the parking lot, start the car and head for home. Stopping at the four-way stop, you're … more
Perhaps, one of the toughest sagas in life for parents and children is coming into those later years when bodily functions are not what they need to be and mental capacity is not what it used to be, … more
How self-indulgent are we? How ungrateful are we? Can't we all be self-focused and totally forgetful of others, especially of God? A farmer, some time back, went into a nearby town on business. He … more
A Tiger Town Bash. Tiger Town? Yes, we are. No matter where we're from, we're here now; in Tiger Town. The big bash is coming up later this month and I hope it draws one of the biggest crowds … more
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Peggy Shuster, a local Rock Springs resident has recently self-published a book called "Little Girl …
Congratulations to Lady Tiger Alum Reanna Jereb and past player Ali Piaia who are in New York at the …
I am so disappointed that they are trying to change the day of graduation. It is a big event here and …
I've heard old-timers say that you can gauge how hard a winter will be by the height at which wasps …
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