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To: Editor From: Alma E. Hansen, Pinedale   And as the last leaf fell to the ground, the snow was falling. And it got colder and colder and colder, but wait, I'm not ready for … more
To: Editor From: Randy Shipman, Rock Springs   Almost 30 years ago I wrote a note criticizing the Rocket-Miner for lopsided reporting on the issue of the day; whatever it was, I called it … more
To: Editor From: Dennis L. Renz, Reliance   Oil production, in part, is a three-faze operation -- exploration, drilling and transportation. Once a well is in operation with … more
To: Editor From: Gerald Stout, Farson   I have lived in Farson for 83 years and have been involved with the wild animals and birds. I am going to talk about the wolves that people, or … more
To: Editor From: Richard Kroger, Worland   Our public lands, overseen by the BLM and U.S. Forest Service, are managed under the Public Trust Doctrine. This doctrine, whose concept … more
To: Editor From: Dr. Eric J. Wedell, retired endocrinologist, Cheyenne   The people of Wyoming need to urge that our Legislature expand Medicaid. Obamacare was intended to extend health … more
To: Editor From: Kenneth J. Weimer, Powell   We are building our nation, our states and cities on sand. Jesus talked about a foolish man in Matthew Chapter 7 that did this very thing. He … more
To: Editor From: Dave Polhamus   I've recently undergone two surgeries at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County. Both went well. My floor nurse, Sheridan, was quite efficient and … more
To: Editor From: Mary Busse, Rock Springs   In October, I went on the marketplace to obtain medical insurance. I got the runaround for almost two months when I got fed up and contacted … more
To: Editor From: Dr. Michael S. Holland, Green River   "The Cabalist Doctrine of Destruction is key to understanding world events," says Henry Makow, Ph.D., author of "Illuminati 3." … more
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Peggy Shuster, a local Rock Springs resident has recently self-published a book called "Little Girl …
Congratulations to Lady Tiger Alum Reanna Jereb and past player Ali Piaia who are in New York at the …
I am so disappointed that they are trying to change the day of graduation. It is a big event here and …
I've heard old-timers say that you can gauge how hard a winter will be by the height at which wasps …
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